01.04.09 | Giant Ear & Rural Psychogeography

Giant Ear a new compilation recording from the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology is now available via link from the GD Stereo website. Contributing phonographers include Andrea Callard, Geoff Dugan, Jonny Farrow, Marc Foxman, Edmund Mooney, Michelle Nagai, Ben Owen, David Watson and Andrea Williams.

Released by Ukrainian label Nexsound, Rural Psychogeography a compilation recording with tracks by Geoff Dugan, Francisco López, Courtis, Jason Kahn, Andrey Kiritchenko, Tomas Korber & Günter Müller, Lunt, The Moglass, Radian, Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn, Martin Tetreault, Rosy Parlane, Steinbruchel, Kim Cascone, Kotra and Kouhei & Freiband is now available from GD Stereo.