GD00B: Rural Psychogeography - Various

Available from Nexsound direct.

Rural Psychogeography is a compilation recording from the Ukrainian label Nexsound. A compact disc in a special paper wallet cover with twine tie – limited edition.

1 – Geoff Dugan – No Trespassing
binaural recordings near Lake Otsego in rural New York state

2 – Francisco López – Untitled#151
created at Mobile Messor with materials from Patagonia, Argentina during a flight over Terranova

3 – Courtis – Latencia de Viento de Puna
made with wind recordings from Antofagasta de la Sierra Catamarca, Argentina’s Puna

4 – Jason Kahn – Kreis5
dedicated to Kreis 5, Zurich, Switzerland

5 – Andrey Kiritchenko – Babai
dedicated to Babai, Kharkov province, Ukraine

6 – Tomas Korber / Günter Müller – Beijing Crossroad
based on field recordings by Roland Hausheer

7 – Lunt – Double Strapontine
associated to the subway station of Matabiau in Toulouse, France

8 – The Moglass – Koktebel
dedicated to Koktebel, Crimea, Ukraine

9 – Radian – Unje
dedicated to island Unije, Croatia and to the Cognominal village on this island.

10 – Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn – Mojave
Austin, Texas, United States

11 – Martin Tetreault – d’apres Gaycre #3
dedicated to Gaycre valley France

12 – Rosy Parlane – Nica
dedicated to Huia, New Zealand

13 – Steinbruchel – Distanz
dedicated to the village of Pontresina, Switzerland

14 – Kim Cascone – DMZspace
taken from Korean spam installation

15 – Kotra – Lost River
dedicated to Lybid’ River, Kyiv, Ukraine

16 – Kouhei & Freiband – (under the) Waalbrug, Nijmegen
recorded live august 25th, 2003 as part of Extrapool’s ‘Gekeerde Wal’ festival, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. edit by Frans de Waard