02.06.10 | New release - GENCON DUETS

Finally! Nearly 3 years in the making and 13 years since it’s inception, GENCON DUETS is available for the senses. A unique collaboration between GEN Ken Montgomery and CONrad Schnitzler in a special letter-pressed package by Middlepress. The CD comes in a cake-box like package with 12 letter-press prints of computer manipulated images from a video shot in Berlin in 1985 – an edition of 300.

In keeping with GEN’s acronym A.T.M.O.T.W. (artist throwing money out the window) and in celebration of my birthday this month, GD Stereo is offering a free copy of the compilation The Architecture of the Incidental when ordering this special release in the month of
MARCH too!

and GD is extending this FEBRUARY and MARCH SPECIAL offer towards the purchase of “31” by If Bwana and CONOPS by Francisco López.