06.07.15 | Reviews

I am delighted to share a couple of recent reviews of To the Cooling Tower, Satsop by Christopher DeLaurenti.

Vital Weekly #981, May 5, 2015
“A fascinating trip for Delaurenti, no doubt there, but it’s also, as an outsider, a listener, an excellent piece of music. Very spacious, in the most literal sense of the word. A nice letterpress package finishes of this great release. Take it outside and do a playback in an empty hall.”
—Frans de Waard

Avant Music News, June 4, 2015
“Slogging through the bilge water of this decrepit flagship, he heads for the cooling tower. Within, there is the splash of each step and crazy acoustics only a big, cement tube can produce, and without, there is melody – it could be the song of huge machinery heard from some distance, but it is an insidiously pleasing overture nonetheless.”
—Stephen Fruitman