GD Stereo was created in 1997 by Geoff Dugan to release a compilation CD project based on the Situationist’s construct of psychogeography and the interface of sound and architecture. This first title, Psychogeographical Dip, was assembled much the same way cassette compilations were assembled in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I invited artists to contribute to the project whose work was complementary to each other and whose response to the subject of an abandoned public swimming pool would be exceptional. The second title, The Architecture of the Incidental, was a follow-up to Dip and carried the same artists in serial through a non-site-specific subject: the state of transit. These compilations evolved directly out of my experience in the so-called cassette culture and were the beginning of experimentation in combining music and architecture through psychogeography.

Since 1997 GD Stereo has focused on the production of audio work from various artists (including myself) that reflect an experience of context. The exploration of the psychogeographical in sound is the optimal synthesis of music and architecture. Typically, combinations of architecture and music are made manifest physically, i.e., “architecture is frozen music”—architecture as an instrument that produces music, written compositions interpreted as a building program or music synthesized from architectural drawings. These “brick and mortar” attempts to physically render music from architecture and, inversely, architecture from music, do not directly address the essence of space. This essence of space is a state that can be reached through the varied ambiences of the dérive, the representations of space in psychogeographical audio recordings, musique concrète and improvisation.

—Geoff Dugan | résumé (PDF)