GD021 If, Bwana "31"

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“31” is the latest release by legendary cassette culture artist If, Bwana – aka Al Margolis. This album of electroacoustic compositions is built on 25 years of If, Bwana improvisations. Haunting, shimmering microtonal pieces are juxtaposed with compositions of reconfigured breath: flute and voice. Collaborators for this incarnation of If, Bwana include: Lisa Barnard (vocals), Jane Rigler (flute), Jacqueline Martelle (flute) and Tom Hamilton (Nord modular synth). Hamilton also mastered the music for production.

Compact disc in a screenprinted raw kraftboard wallet designed by GD with photos by Al Margolis. Printed by VGKids.

Limited edition of 500.

1 – Fitz 2/3
2 – Rushin’ Lisa
3 – Treinta, Juan
4 – Soiled
5 – Ex-ex-ex-eye

Review: The Sound Projector, November 25, 2009
“You may prefer the jangling corruscate-o-scopes of ‘Soiled’, which is made simply from multi-tracking a bowed guitar. Slow, sludgy and unsettling process art of the highest degree.”— from Ruth Between Terrors by Ed Pinset