GD017 Play in random or shuffle mode. — Geoff Dugan

out of print

A live psychogeographical sound event performed for the Live Constructions broadcast hosted by Federico Marulanda Rey at WKCR FM, Columbia University, New York City. A single composition comprised of dérive recordings largely made in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities of Brooklyn, New York. The original performance was dubbed Orthodoxy after subject matter discussed in the on- air interview. The recording and interview are posted on WKCR in the archives under “Live Constructions.”

The disc is one continuous 36.14’ piece (no interview) with 70 arbitrarily located track markers for random or shuffle play (if selected) to set up a uniquely different psychogeographical listening for each playback. The random/shuffle mode playback works best on portable CD players. Limited edition, made to order CD-R with hand stamped title/credits, packaged in a slim line jewel case and insert with color video still by Pat Courtney. Released in 2001.