GD016 aberto/fechado parque serralves — Geoff Dugan

free listening: aberto/fechado parque serralves

out of print

A binaural psychogeographical listening of the Parque Serralves comprised of electroacoustic compositions. This work was composed for the Paisagem: Tempo e Memória Confêrencia (Landscape: Time and Memory conference) organized by Claudia Taborda. The compositions are based on recordings made on dérive through the Parque Serralves in February of 2002. These dérive recordings were the basis for the performance of the project presented in the musique concrète tradition on October 19, 2002 in the auditorium of the Serralves Museum, Oporto Portugal.

Limited edition of 100, 31’ printed silver CD-Rs with black back in a slip jacket with video stills by Pat Courtney. Binaural recordings are optimal for headphone listening. Released in 2002.