GD010 Field Recordings from the Bunker — Various

This was the second in a series of three audiocassette-only releases that document improvisational (some not) music performances at A.MICA BUNKER in New York City. The series is a small aural snapshot of the Bunker. Many more recordings were made than are represented on the tapes. Several recordings were accidentally erased/recorded over and some were of poor quality.

Geoff Dugan made these recordings over a one-year period in 1993 every Sunday evening at ABC No Rio, where the series/lab was in residence. (Read a brief history of the “Bunker” here.) The intention of the series was to convey the atmosphere of the Bunker and to show how each improvisation as a recorded work can stand on its own as a composition. Each 60’ cassette was packaged with a black & white “j” card/paper insert with a photo of the interior of ABC No Rio taken during a Bunker performance. Originally released in 1994. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
07-11-93 Jack Wright (clarinet)
08-22-93 Leslie Ross (bassoon)
08-22-93 Leslie Ross (musette)
07-11-93 excerpt Michael Lytle (bass clarinet)
05-09-93 excerpt Ladislav Czernek (dbl. neck saxophone w/ flute & compressor)
05-09-93 excerpt Ladislav Czernek (saxophone, accordian)

Side B:
06-13-93 Elaine Kaplinsky (keyboard)
07-18-93 excerpt Paul Hoskin (contrabass clarinet)
08-29-93 Ed Ware (drums)
09-05-93 Tamio Shiraishi (saxophone)
09-50-93 Blaise Siwula (saxophone)