GD008 Prefabrication/Improvisation — Neil Bogan/Geoff Dugan

free listening: Prefabrication/Improvisation

Split tape: “Prefabrication” side is G. Dugan solo studio work with guitar, bass, tapes, prepared electronics and samples. Pulsating and ambient soundtracks dedicated to suburban subdivisions. A precursor to the work released on the Surface Tension CD-R through Open Circuit/Staalplaat, the Netherlands. “Improvisation” side is a collection of live improvised duets with Neill Bogan vocals/words/autoharp and Dugan on guitar & autoharp. A 60’ audiocassette packaged in a full color Xerox collage “j” card/paper insert originally released in 1993.

Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Prefabrication Side:
Colonial Revival

Improvisation Side:
That One
All those Things
Went Up
I know