GD007 Alone at Last — Various

A collection of improvised music from a group informally known as Thawed. Musicians include: Ladislav Czernek (sax/vocal), Rachel Harrison (cello/vocal), Bahman Karimna (bass clarinet/tar), Sean Meehan (percussion), Tamio Shiraishi (sax) and Geoff Dugan (guitar). A 60’ audiocassette packaged in a newsprint “j” card/paper insert with typed titles and track information originally released in 1992. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
Why did I choose you?
Satin Doll
Where you goin’ this summer?
Sweet and Lovely
Gates Steps In
Welcome Back (?)

Side B:
Is that all there is?
Being Green
Goin’ Home