GD006 Design of Clubs — Pat Courtney

Collaboration with artist Pat Courtney for a soundtrack to the installation: A Very Slippery Slope… Concrete music composed from TV media: golf shows, commercials and Goddard’s Alphaville. A 20’ audiocassette packaged in a full color Xerox collage “j” card/paper insert designed by Pat Courtney originally released in 1992. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
(detective theme)
“Slippery Slope”
“Driven by the Pros”
“To Trap the Over Bold”
“Dear Susan”
“My Laws of Physics”
(detective theme)

Side B:
“You Can’t Argue with Physics”
“That Fine Pitch”
“Provisional Ball”
“Genteel Sports”
“Royal and Ancient”
“Perfect Lie”
“This Little World”
(detective theme)