GD005 The Aluminum Hallway — Geoff Dugan

free listening: The Aluminum Hallway

A solo release that combines instrumentation guitar, percussion, autoharp and voice with taped/musique concrete techniques. A 60’ audiocassette packaged in a full color Xerox collage “j” card/paper insert with art by Lori Rogers originally released in 1991. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side 1:
vinyl asbestos tile
outside (never)
unfortunate architecton

Side 2:
in periphery
the fifth floor

“A very well-executed collection of experimental compositions. Ranges from industrial factory spaces to future primitive ambient ritual songs. This tape held my interest longer than most.”
— Ron Rice, H23 #3 (the minimalism issue)

“Dugan’s compositions are built like houses, layer by layer, brick by brick, much like the architecture of his imagery.”
— Glen Thrasher, Lowlife #17

“The feel here is unpretentious in a hometaper sense but not lacking in quality. The result is solid, varied and simple musics.”
— Rob Forman, ND #15