GD004 Distance — Various

Select recordings by Geoff Dugan with various artists in Atlanta including: Grady Cousins, Kevin Haller (Master Cow), Robert Johnson, John Laubach (PVC Precinct), Rick Longenecker (Flatbush), Sic Mic (Becky’s Army), Rob Peace (Master Cow) and Frank Schultz. Music ranges from pulsating and improvisational electronics to industrial and ambient. A 90’ audiocassette packaged in a colored “j” card insert with image by Pat Courtney originally released in 1990. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
Tongue — Grady Cousins, Geoff Dugan
pipes — John Laubach, Kevin Haller, Geoff Dugan
no. 3 — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan
aluminum — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan
academic flies — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan
long mood — John Laubach, Rick Longenecker, Sic Mic, Geoff Dugan

Side B:
john the divine — Geoff Dugan
contrecoup — Grady Cousins, Rob Peace, Kevin Haller, Geoff Dugan
surplus value of code — Robert Johnson, Geoff Dugan
bridge — Robert Johnson, Geoff Dugan
tion — Grady Cousins, Rob Peace, Kevin Haller, Geoff Dugan
no. 6 — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan
alfred — John Laubach, Kevin Haller, Geoff Dugan
feelings — Grady Cousins, Geoff Dugan
contrasolvable — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan
metrophage — Frank Schultz, Geoff Dugan

“The combined work of nine artists, this is a tape of torture-chamber rattlings and sonic effects perfect for late night ruminations. Often it conjures up pictures of the boiler room in some derelict starship, while at times echoing scenes out of the Alien movie trilogy, particularly the one where the monks worship in the abandoned prison. Late into side two listeners will be startled, however, by a tribal stomping of “Feelings,” which, believe it or not, sounds very right at that point. Don’t ask me why. This tape may unsettle you, and I think Geoff and company would like it that way.”

— Gary Likert for Gajoob, 6/30/92.