GD003 Abreaction — Geoff Dugan

A solo release that combines instrumentation guitar, autoharp, voice and tapes. Collapse is a live recording from the 4th annual Destroy All Music Festival in Atlanta, 4-1-89. A 60’ audiocassette packaged in a colored “j” card insert with images by Pat Courtney originally released in 1989. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
Encyclopedia of Illustration

Side B:
“Use only in a well ventilated area.”

Review: “This is somewhere in the experimental to industrial arena, with Geoff playing around with various ways to combine tape loops, modified voice and even autoharp. One track is nothing but applause (sic. rain), repeated until it becomes meaningless noise. Another comes from the Destroy All Music Festival, an annual event where people assemble to be aurally assaulted, and I’m sure this satisfied them.”
— Mike Gunderloy, Factsheet Five #34.