GD002 Dugan + Cavity — Geoff Dugan

Split tape half solo and half with Kevin Haller (Master Cow) on guitar + synthesizer, Andy Pierce (Size Ten Jaw) on tapes and G. Dugan on synthesizer, guitar + percussion. The solo side is all guitar. The Cavity side is an excerpt from a live recording at the Mattress Factory show in the old Fulton Bag Mill, Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia, 10-17-04. A 60’ audiocassette packaged in a full color Xerox photo “j” card/paper insert originally released in 1989. Not available. Future CD-R release planned.

Side A:
Dugan – base animal

  1. siolence
  2. midst apocolypse thought
  3. for the accumulation
  4. pity
  5. no escape from equation
  6. stimulus progression

Side B:
Cavity (Haller, Pierce, Dugan)
recorded live.

“Side one is mostly just solo guitar, but you would probably never guess that. Geoff processes his instrument live to achieve an array of moods. I really like the dismal throb of ‘Siolence’.”
— Glen Thrasher, Lowlife #15.

“Side B is much more interesting with its dreamlike, eerie ambience. It has a cavernous quality, with distant tape samples echoing over quiet synth tracks, and steely percussion alternating with menacing guitars.”
— John Baxter, Option July/August 1989