03.24.13 | A.MICA BUNKER DIARIES made available on YouTube

Some 20 years ago in 1993 and into 1994 Geoff Dugan made recordings of improvisational music performances at A.MICA BUNKER, a music performance series at ABC No Rio in New York City. Some of those recordings were released in cassette form as Late Winter Early Spring – Various, Field Recordings from the Bunker – Various and A.MICA 3 Live Sound – Various.

Now, GD Stereo is involved in an effort to make all of the recordings publicly available on YouTube. They will be uploaded chronologically as energy permits. Search YouTube under A.MICA BUNKER DIARIES to see a list of the recordings. Each recording is represented visually with a photograph taken at ABC No Rio from the same period. A published list of recordings will be made available in the near future. Contact GD if you what to find out more about this effort.